Last Day of School
St. Louis Limos Style
Kids in a Limo for Last Day of School

Well you did it again, you made it thru another year what seems to be another long year, now it's time to celebrate that there is no more school for the summer.

Why not have a Limo or Party Bus from St. Louis Limos show up at your school on the last day, pick up you and your friends and take them for a ride in one our Limousines or Party Buses.

When St. Louis Limos pulls into the parking lot at your school all of the other parents will be wandering who the limo or Party Bus is for. When that final bell rings you and your friends will run out of class to the Limo or Party bus and then they will all know.

Once you get in and we pull off you all can wave out the window saying good bye for the summer to your school and teachers, as they wish they were in the vehicle.

Maybe we could take you out to get some ice cream, or maybe to McDonalds or even the local bowling alley. Any where you go you and your friends will have a great time and will remember this for a long time.

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