Fund Raising
St. Louis Limos Style 
Group of Adults that retned a Limo Pic

Over the years St. Louis Limo's has been a part in Fund Raising for many organizations, we work for some the largest Fund Raising Companies in St. Louis.

Most of our Fund Raising comes from School's, we will pick the top selling kids up and take them out to lunch In a Limo or Party Bus at a nearby location and then return them back to school. Sometimes the School will have several students and we make several trips back and forth.

We also sell a lot of gift certificates that people will donate to a fund raising event, they may pair it up with a dinner, or maybe pair it with a baseball game, or maybe just give away the Limo or Party Bus ride to someone that can do anything they wish during their ride.

No matter what your Fundraising Event is for a Limo or a Party Bus from St. Louis Limos will be a great Item to bid on and bring a great deal of excitement to your event

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