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10 Reasons to Rent a Limo or a Party Bus in St. Louis for your Birthday.

A Limo Rental or Party Bus Rental is Very Cost Effective

If you’re going to a birthday party with a group, a Limo or Party Bus can be very cost effective  compared to most options. The more passengers you get the cheaper per person the cost is, not to mention when factoring in things like safety and convenience and all being together in one vehicle.


No matter if you have a party for 2 or 30, it can be difficult to bar hop or travel to different locations. Having to look or wait for a cab with such a group it’s frustrating. But with a Limo Rental or Party Bus Rental, all these problems go away. You all get in one Limo or Party Bus and travel to all your destinations without any problem. There is no need to get from one vehicle to another to travel to the locations (restaurants, shows, bars, etc.). A Limo or Party Bus will pick you at your designated  location and take you to every spot you wish, whether it's a bar, restaurant, show or any other destinations.

The Party Moves Together

A Limo or Party Bus gets the party started when it picks up you and your friends. You do not need to wait to get to the Venue to start your birthday party. A Limousine or Party Bus is exactly what it sounds like it gets you in the mode of the party and boost's it even more. The best part is your group gets to have fun and enjoy the Limo or Party Bus while the chauffeur takes care of getting you their safely.

Eliminate Driving Concerns

Whenever you go out for a party, you don't have worry about how to get home after the party. With a Limo or Party Bus from St. Louis Limos there are no such worries. Everyone gets to have as much fun as they want without worrying about how they will get home. Once the party is over, our  professional and courteous chauffeurs will transport you home allowing you to focus on your fun no matter where you go across the St. Louis Missouri and surrounding areas.

Celebrate with your Friends

Who wouldn’t see their friends riding around in a Limo or Party Bus. This will impress your friends and give them a night to remember and talk about for years to come. If you rent a Limo or Party Bus for your birthday, this will make it an event to remember.

Customized Party

It’s your birthday, and so you should get whatever you wish. You go out with a group of the friends you’ve chosen, riding to the destinations of your choice. With a Limo or Party Bus, the rental will be tailored to your preference. You also get to listen to the music of your choice as you travel to your favorite locations in style.


On your birthday, the last thing you need to do is worry about everyone else getting to the locations in a timely manner if at all.. You can’t have fun if you’re just wondering whether or not they will show up, what time they will arrive, how they will get there, and if they made it home safely . Hiring a Limo or Party Bus service allows the whole group to travel together safely to several locations, no one will show up late or get lost on their way.


Nobody should ever drink and drive, a Limo or Party Bus provides you absolute safety while you travel to and from your locations. The Limo or Party Bus company will provide you with vehicles that are safe dot certified and employ licensed dot certified chauffeurs who are well-trained, experienced with the roads in St Louis and surrounding area. Hiring a Limo or Party Bus, ensures safety for you and your friends thru out the rental.

See The Best Of The St. Louis

 The best things about renting a Limo or Party Bus for your birthday is you and your group get a chance to go to places you rarely get to. Driving from one place to another is fun and exciting adding to the trip. Whether you want to be drive around St. Louis Missouri or you want to go to hot spots in St. Charles Missouri like the riverfront.  a Limo or a Party Bus is a great idea. Your chauffeur will take you anywhere you want to go.

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